ADVbrands is a Seattle, WA based small-team design studio founded by Paul Lycett. We have partners, industry colleagues and vendors that provide comprehensive support for all branding initiatives. ADVbrands is a small company with big company experience—our size & independence keeps us flexible & responsive to you.
Specifically, we provide design services that address: logo/identity design, packaging, marketing, exhibit/retail graphics, advertising and website design—basically, anything you’d need to visually express the individuality of your brand.

ideas & experience
We've worked for over 20 years in design & branding, partnering with extremely diverse brands within many different industries. There's no magic shortcut that instantly creates a great logo, website or marketing piece—actually, for all of the tools we have at our disposal, in the end, pen & paper is still where it all begins for us. A great idea still comes from the same place it always has.

branding…it matters
Having a great product or service is half the battle, but you still need to visually target, attract & engage your customer. There’s a lot of competition out there in the adventure industry, and your competitors are in it to win your potential customers. Your brand is also more than just a logo, so follow through with consistency on all of your brands’ visual components if you want to capture and hold your audiences’ attention. Take a look at your current brand image and how it measures up, is there room for some improvement?

from bikes to boots
We’ve worked for a wide variety of clients over the years, branding anything from motorcycles to hiking shoes. Every new client is an exciting opportunity, and a potential learning experience for us. Discovering what inspires & drives their brand and the customer is rewarding stuff, it also keeps our solutions on-track.

When you’re thinking about creating or updating your brand it can seem like an uphill task. We’re always willing to talk with you to discuss and brainstorm your branding goals—a chat with us costs nothing. When you’re ready to make the big move we can help to identify the way forward, involve you in the process and find a solution that you’re really excited about.
If you’re not located in the Pacific Northwest (or even in the U.S. for that matter), don’t worry about that either. We work & communicate with the majority of our clients remotely—through email, concept presentation pdf’s and conference calls (it’s worked great for us for over 15 years).
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