The first Touratech products were made by the motorcycle and travel enthusiast Herbert Schwarz for his trips to the Near East, Africa, the US and Northern Europe. The brand has become the leading adventure motorcycle accessory manufacturer in the world. We’ve worked on all aspects of their branding, including: publication & online advertising, website design, apparel design and environmental graphics.

1&2: Touratech West/East Coast Rally Logo Designs.   3: Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Logo Design.   4: Dri-Ride Icon & Logo Design For New Dry-Seat Technology.   5: Zega Panniers Magazine Ad Design.   6: Aventuro Modular Helmet Retail Display Branding.   7: Suspension Upgrade Magazine Ad Design.   8: Staff Shirt Branding Design.   9: Event Vehicle Branding.   10: Touratech East Coast Rally Logo Design.   11: Website Branded Redesign.   12: Plug & Travel Suspension Logo & Icons Design.   13: Touratech West Coast Rally Poster Designs.   14: Showroom Vehicles Branding Design.
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